Beauty – Anklets For Ladies

Anklets have proved to be a fashion accessory in our modern days and it has been loved and embraced by both young and old women.

What are anklets

Anklets also called ankle chains are ornaments worn around the ankle. They come in gold,

silver, and many different colors but what people don’t actually know is that anklets didn’t

exist only in these modern days but also in ancient days and it worn for different reasons.

Different tribes wear anklets for different reasons like during festivals, coronations, to connote prestige and wealth, and to beautify their feet.

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Like in India these ornaments are known as kolusu in Tamil and ghungru in Hindi have a lot of significance behind their usage.

It is worn above the feet joint in the ankles and is believed to regenerate the energy wasted back into our own body.

But in our modern days, it is mainly worn for fashion sake though some people frown at it for different reasons cant denies the fact that anklet beautifies the feet.

Meanings of Anklets

An anklet worn on the left foot is often used as a talisman or charm.

There were used as amulets and worn on the ankles because it was close to the ground.

Therefore, anklets seem to continue to be used as a sort of protection. Anklets worn on the left ankle also signify that you are married or have a lover.

Where to wear them to

In as much as they are used to beautify the feet, they can also be seen as sexually

suggestive, making them appropriate for the work environment and interviews so ensure to

take them off when going to work to avoid awkward or embarrassing situations.

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