Beautiful Toe Rings For Women – fashion

Toe rings are well-purchased fashion accessories that are worn mostly by women though it is a unisex type of jewelry.

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Most people wear these rings on their toes mostly for the sake of beautifying their feet

though there are no strict rules on how to wear these rings you find most people wearing them on their second or third toe.

The number of foot ring you wear also depends on you and how comfortable you are with many rings on your toes meaning you are free to wear more than two rings on both feet.

Unlike other ladies and women who wear them just for fashion and beautification, Indian

women wear toe rings for a reason. It is believed that the slight pressure that comes from wearing toe rings helps regulate the menstrual cycle.

They also believe that married women should wear their toe rings on their second toes while unmarried ones should wear them on their third toe.

First-timers in wearing toe rings will surely find it uncomfortable that is why it is better to

wear them on your second or third toe till you get used to them because with time you will surely find it comfortable then you can try other toes.

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