Beautiful Sashes And What They Are Used For – fashion

Sashes are cloth belts usually used to hold robes and gowns together usually tied around the waist.

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They are also decorative sashes used during occasions, they are worn from the shoulder to

the hip instead of around the waist. Sashes can actually be made with different materials

depending on our choice and what you want to use them to do.

Sashes are used for different occasions like birthdays, weddings, and other types of events for honorific orders.

Sashes came into existence in the mid and late 16th century, then it was used mainly by

the military to show the high rank of that military man. It is also used to show love and affection for a particular political party or nation.

Sashes are mainly just for decorations, they are also used for chairs on top of chair cover to make the chairs look good for events especially weddings.

You can decide to decorate your sash whichever way you want either by writing on them or adding stones or embroidery on them it just all depends on you as they are no strict rules and regulations on how a sash must look or be made.

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