Beautiful Button Down Skirts – fashion

Button-down skirts are skirts with button designs and the buttons are usually in front, the skirts can either be a flare or normal tight body hug skirts.

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These skirts look a little old fashioned yet they are trending wears worn by ladies of

different age range, body size, and height. Like every other clothes, they are made with different materials too and come in different colors and lengths.

More mature women prefer wearing these skirts especially the ones that are barely below

the knee with a top or long sleeve shirt and on a heeled shoe, this skirt don’t necessary

need a very long heeled shoe so when talking about heeled shoes it could be a platform

shoe or a wedge shoe that is very balanced, comfortable, and not heavy at all.

While young ladies prefer button-down skirts that either stops exactly on the knee or above

thee knees plus they can decide to put on the flare or tight ones it all depends on which one you are more comfortable with.

To look chic with this dress, you can wear a crop top on it but if you are wearing it for official purposes a long sleeve shirt is a better option with your heels.

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