Beautiful Bonnet Cap And Its Benefits – fashion

Bonnets are caps worn on the head to cover and protect the hair, bonnets are made with soft satin materials that wrap around the head framing the face but don’t cover the

forehead it is also a unisex cap meaning it can be used by both men and women to protect their hair.

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It is a fashion accessory that is used mostly at night to sleep cause it helps prevent friction while you sleep which also reduces the amount of frizz you wake up with. These satin caps

prevent you from having split ends it also helps keep your hair moisturized throughout the night cause your hair won’t be in contact with materials that absorb moisture like cotton materials used to make your pillow clothes.

People who have curly and wavy hair always wake up with messy hair when they sleep without protecting their hair at night but with bonnet caps that can be avoided.

When purchasing a bonnet cap always make sure you buy the ones made with satin material and make sure they are not tight on your head cause wearing tight hats can ruin your edges.

Having at least two bonnets in the house is a very good idea so you can change to the

other when one is dirty, bonnets have a lot of benefits but wearing dirty ones won’t allow you to enjoy all those benefits.

Though bonnets are meant for the night when you sleep yet you find some people wearing them during the day which is not so bad as it protects your hair from ultraviolet rays which sometimes cause baldness.

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