Beautiful Abaya For Women – Muslims Wears

Abaya is a beautiful gown worn mostly by Muslim women as it is decent cause it covers women’s whole bodies and is stylish.

This dress can be made with any type of material depending on the function.

Materials used for sewing Abaya

1. Lexus – Woven, Soft hand-feel with a decent wrap quality and has a matte wrapped up

2. Internet – Thick, marginally dangerous to contact, and have a slightly shinning hint

3. Nidha – Soft and sumptuous, the more costly abayas are generally produced using this texture. Nidha comes in various qualities. The better the quality the higher the cost of the abaya.

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4. Jersey – Stretchy weave texture generally used to make Farasha abayas as a result of its delightful wrap quality. It is likewise utilized for abayas that have fitted sleeves

5. Poly Crepe – There is a couple of sorts of poly crepe going from lightweight to medium weight. It has extraordinary wrap quality, has a smooth matte wrapped up.

6. Stone Poly crepe – Most Abaya from Jordan are produced using rock poly-crepe texture. The surface has a conspicuous weave and the completed isn’t pretty much as smooth as the other poly-crepe.

7. Glossy silk – Soft, dangerous silk feel with gleaming wrapped up

8. Chiffon – Chiffon is lightweight delicate transparent textures and utilized for making flowy extravagant kaftan.

A large portion of these extravagant kaftans will either collaborate with Satin underdress or chiffon sew network underdress that won’t add weight to the kaftan.

Abaya is available in many colors and they can be decorated with beads, stones, and embroidery. They are worn to match the color hijab with heel shoes.

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