6 Braid Hairstyles For Men

Braids are hairstyles that are rocked by men who wish to grow their hair, and the good thing is braid can be achieved with both long and short hair.

Not all men enjoy cutting their hair while some only cut off part of their hair then plait the

uncut ones. there are plenty of braid styles that are available for men to choose from that still maintain their masculine look.

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Braid hairstyles for men


This style is easy to maintain and keeps the hair protected, it is mostly made by men especially athletes.

Box Braid

What sets box braids apart for most men is that they aren’t attached to the scalp, they’re

sectioned off in squares along the scalp instead making it very easy to pack whichever way you want.

Maan bun braid

Here you only have big braids that are weaved with intricate designs and then packed up to prevent the hair from touching your skin and body.

Single braid

this hairstyle also looks great on men with both long and short hair

Two side braid with a ponytail

This hairstyle is very fast and easy to make, all you need to do is make two braids at the

sides of your hair then pack your unbraided hair with the two braids then pack it up to a ponytail.

Braided dread

This hairstyle is for men with dread that has grown long and they wish to switch look, you can do that by braiding your dread.

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