10th Convocation Ceremonies For Fountain University Oke (FUO) Suspended

Fountain University (Oke), Oshogbo Suspends their 10th Convocation and Award Prizes to 2022 due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

10th Convocation Ceremonies For Fountain University Oke (FUO) Suspended

During the 101st meeting of the senate of Fountain University Oke (FUO) on Wednesday 23rd December 2020, they took into consideration the situation of the country and how the Covid-19 pandemic has harmed the education sector in the country.

After much deliberation, the management concluded that due to the pandemic situation in the country, that the 10th Convocation which was supposed to hold this year 2021 has been rescheduled till the year 2022.

This postponement will allow the school to prepare adequately for a mind-blowing event which the school has been known for since its establishment.

Furthermore, Dr. AWA Ibrahim, Professor Nurudeen ‘Nimbe Adedipe, and Prof Toyin Falola, who was supposed to be awarded the Award of Honorary Doctorate Degree in the year 2022 will have to wait for the convocation date next year.


Dr. Kikelemo W.Sallie


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