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What To Do When Your Jeans Trouser Bands Are Tight -fashion

Tight jeans are inconvenient and, in some cases, difficult to wear without ripping or digging into your stomach. But that’s no reason to go out and get some new jeans.

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No matter how much space you add to your waistline or why your jeans no longer fit, here’s how to make the waist of your jeans bigger and stretch them out. Your jeans will fit you again with just a little time and effort.

How to stretch your trouser band

Use Lukewarm Water and a Spray Bottle

If stretching doesn’t work, try a spray bottle instead. If the preceding option did not work, proceed to this step. When you’re in a hurry, the best approach to stretch your jeans is to use lukewarm water and a spray bottle.
Put your jeans on. Try lying down on the bed if you’re having problems getting the jeans to button or zip. After that, spritz the waistband with lukewarm water until it is damp.

Move around as you did with the previous technique, using squats, lunges, and other activities to stretch the damp waistline until the pants fit.

Use a wooden hanger

Did you know that wooden hanger may be used to extend waistband? 
If you can’t zip or button the pants all the way up, use the wooden hanger approach. 
The hanger must be at least half the size of the waist.
Combine the two preceding stages to create this approach. 
Begin by donning your pants and wetting the waistband with warm water spray bottle. 
Wet the jeans well and drape them over both ends of wooden hanger.

Allow the jeans to air dry on the wooden hanger before putting them on. 

Repeat the method with larger hanger if the waistband doesn’t stretch securely across the rod or you still have difficulties buttoning your jeans after drying them.

Use steaming iron

Before buttoning the jeans into place, slide them over your ironing board and expand the waistband as much as possible. If you don’t have an ironing board, you can stretch the jeans over a wooden chair or a wooden cutting board using a towel to protect the wood.

To lengthen it, pull at the waist. Steam the waistline of the jeans until they are moist. Then, with one hand, extend the waist as much as you can while ironing the jeans with the other.

Repeat the process until the jeans are completely dry. Continually move the length of your waist. If you iron below the band, your jeans will seem deformed.

Using a hairdryer, warm the jeans.

A modest stretch is provided by the heat. When stretching your pants’ thighs and waistband, use this option.

Spread the jeans out front-side up on a flat surface, such as your bed. Plug in the hairdryer and heat the waistband of your pants evenly on a medium setting.

Maintain a six-inch distance between the hairdryer and the jeans, and move it continuously. Move your hands in opposite directions to pull the fabric.

Turn your jeans inside out and repeat the procedure on the other side. Denim can stretch more if you heat both sides of it. Before heating the jeans, you can sprinkle them with water from a spray bottle.

Extend Jeans by Removing the Waistband

This is the most advanced of our methods for stretching jeans’ waistbands. You can resize or repurpose an old pair of jeans by removing the waistline entirely. Only try this strategy if you’re not afraid to be creative and can deal with the long-term shift.
Begin by trying on your jeans to determine how many inches you’ll need to add. Look for the properly sized scrap from your local fabric store. You can use denim or any other sort of cloth for this project.

Cut the side seams approximately two to four inches down, then line the waistband with the seam tear by cutting around the same position on the waistband. Cut a matching piece of denim or leather and pin it in place. You may easily increase the waist by sewing a length of fabric to fill the gap.

The filled gap should be in the shape of a triangle. Fold the new fabric in half to match the waistline for a finished look. Topstitch the band closed after ironing the additional fabric flat to match the old jeans.

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