Simple Skincare Tips For Dark Skin

Simple Skincare Tips For Dark Skin

You already know that maintaining the health of your skin is extremely important, regardless of whether you have oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, or skin that falls anywhere in between. But while putting together a beauty routine, skin tone is also a very important consideration. Darker skin tones may require different skin care requirements. … Read more

Should Dark Skin People Wear Sunscreen?


The frequent notion that people of colour don’t need to apply sunscreen stems from the fact that high levels of melanin provide some level of sun protection due to its propensity to absorb light (SPF). This SPF is insufficient to provide proper sun protection, which is why people of all shades of hue should continue … Read more

How To Care For Dark Skin – fashion

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Lots of tips are available for the skin but most of them ignore the fact that these tips most times don’t work well for dark skins cause they are more focused on the fair ones. Read also: Dry And Dark Knee Problems. Why Are They Dry And How To Fix It – fashion Dark skin is … Read more