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Reasons You Should Use Perfume Oils And Not Regular Perfumes – fashion

People think perfume oil is a new thing that just started trending but that is not true perfume has been n existence since the history of the Egyptians as it was used then as a gift for royalties.

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Reasons You Should Use Perfume Oils And Not Regular Perfumes

Perfume oils are highly concentrated, up to ten times more concentrated than perfumes sold in department stores. Oils have a longer shelf life than eau de parfums because of this property.

Alcohol – Perfumes contain alcohol, which produces a variety of fragrance effects. Instead of alcohol, most body oils contain carrier oils like jojoba or fractionated coconut oil. The perfume of some fragrances can alter over time as the alcohol evaporates distinct scent ingredients. The aroma is more consistent with oils.

Body chemistry – Just because you like a perfume or cologne, doesn’t imply you’ll like the oil version. Perfumes contain only a small proportion of oil, making them distinct from pure body oils. This interplay between the fragrance and your body could result in a completely distinct scent impression.

Packaging – Perfumes from department stores are clearly well-packaged and make excellent gifts for friends and family. Many perfume oils are sold in less appealing packaging, which contributes to their reduced pricing.

Perfume Oils are non-flammable and can be posted without any additional safety precautions. Perfumes are very flammable and are prohibited items in the UK, which means that each item sent must include a declaration and a warning on the exterior envelope or packaging.

Because perfume oils do not evaporate, they have a longer shelf life than fragrances (the alcohol in perfumes does evaporate).

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