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Negative Effect Of Dying Your Hair – fashion

Dying your hair gives you a different look and personality however as beautiful as it looks it also negative impact on your hair. This article is meant to you information about the negative impacts of hair dye.

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When you apply permanent or semipermanent hair colour or bleach, these protective proteins lift, allowing chemicals to permeate the hair strand. Hair colour changes the chemical constitution of the hair there. As a result, the hue changes.

Temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes are not the same as permanent or demi-permanent hair dyes. Temporary dyes colour your hair but normally don’t reach deeper layers (though they can still damage your hair). This is true for hair dye alternatives such as Kool-Aid, carrot juice, and even coffee.

Hair fibres were most damaged by continuous bleaching, especially the kind needed to turn very dark hair to lighter hair, according to a study that employed microscope technology to look at degrees of bleaching. This is why many hair colourists advise against drastically whitening the hair all at once.

Going from lighter to darker isn’t always less destructive because the hair’s structure is still altered. It’s also crucial to look after hair that’s been coloured darker.

How to fix damaged hair

Use hair dyes with conditioning agents

Conditioners in hair dyesTrusted Source help minimize the degree of hair damage. An example is hydrolyzed silk proteins.

Limit heat styling

Heat styling can further weaken hair. Limit your use of heat styling tools, such as:
hair dryers
curling irons
flat irons

Apply thermal heat protectant sprays or lotions

Apply these to the hair before heat styling.

Allow time to pass between hair dyeing appointments

Less frequent hair dyeing appointments can help minimize damage.

Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners

These products help the hair hold moisture after dyeing. Highly fragranced shampoos with high amounts of detergents (they usually have a lot of lather) tend to be more damaging.

Choose shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that match your hair colour

These are designed to help colour-treated hair stay protected.

Consider dying your hair a shade that is closer to its natural colour

When possible, this may assist in limiting damage.

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