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How To Style Your Long Hair For Men

In addition to the celebrity endorsement, having long hair for guys is something that many of us take for granted, especially after realizing that it is not always available in abundance. Why not show off if you are one of the fortunate few who can truly grow his hair out to excessive lengths? But enormous length comes with great responsibility. More importantly, when things are neglected or unkempt, terrible things might happen. This entails looking over the most popular long hairstyles for men, choosing a look that complements your features, and working diligently to keep it up.

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Although the road ahead won’t be simple, it will undoubtedly be worthwhile. All the jealous baldies will be casting sneers and crook eye glances your way as you stride down the street, radiating sexual prowess. But that’s the whole point of sporting long hair on males. If you think you can pull off a long haircut and want to look fantastic while feeling much better, let us be your guide.

There are countless long hair types and styles, as any barber or male hairstylist can attest. There are still some tried-and-true hairstyles, though, so long as you know which ones suit you the best.

How To Style Your Long Hair For Men

The Messy Casual

Perhaps no style is more coveted by males than one that both appears effortless and stunning (or sharp and informal). To get this look, add a tiny bit of natural hair product to your hair. If you succeed, you’ll go down in history.

Dreadlocks or braids

While sharing a similar aesthetic, braids and dreadlocks historically represented two completely distinct fashions. Dreadlocks gave the impression that you were the type of guy who smoked before breakfast, in contrast to braids, which emanated intelligence and restraint. Today, though, a neatly styled head of dreads can look everything but dapper. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these men’s hairstyles are common in both clubs and on runways.

Half Down Half Up Hairdo

The half-down, half-up men’s hairstyle pushes the popular layering and texture trends to their illogical conclusions. Let the remaining locks tumble down like a silky waterfall after tying a section of your hair together at the top of your crown or at the back of your neck. The aesthetic expertly fuses naturalism with deliberate style. Add a beard for an additional masculine flourish.

Wavy Long Hair

Consider yourself lucky if you wish to wear a men’s long haircut and have naturally curly hair because the two go well. Blow-dry it on high heat and medium speed to style it, and add a small amount of hair product for structure and volume.

Curly Long Hair

Although maintaining long, curly hair on a man can be challenging, if Kit Harrington can do it, so can you. Here’s a pro tip: before blow-drying your damp hair, add salt spray for a little bounce. When your hair is dry, add salt spray and style it with your hands if you want to get volume or a matte appearance.

Back with a smooth fade

A striking long slick back bordered by a sharp undercut, taper, or fade will make a major style statement. You are certainly a guy of the twenty-first century if you add a beard to that!

Straight long hair

If you ask the nearby bald man, he could tell you that having a gorgeous head of long, straight men’s hair is truly a blessing from the gods. You are politely asked by the same baldy to not take your gift for granted. You may either let your Adonis-like follicles speak for themselves or you can give them a little extra tender loving care. For instance, to give the hair a better hold, apply some salt spray to it when it’s moist. Additionally, use your fingers to create a part by raking the hair back, which gives the appearance a more natural feel.

Ponytail or Man-Bun

Take caution when stepping on this one because it has been the punchline to many jokes. The men who make it work, on the other hand, typically attract all the proper sorts of attention. In the back of the head, neatly and capably bundle everything. Just keep in mind to go firm, but not so firm that you’re heavily pulling at the roots.

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