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How To Do A Top Stitch Braid

This simple stitch braid was inspired by sewing several textiles together. We often refer to hair as fabric because of its texture, treatment, and appearance. This minimalist top stitch braid not only provides us with limitless positioning options and design variety, but its simplicity is in the details and can effortlessly elevate anyone’s style.

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How To Do A Top Stitch Braid

  • Determine the starting and finishing places of the stitch braid by determining where it will be put.
  • Take two little sections of hair from the beginning point and make sure they stretch all the way to the endpoint.
  • The stitch strands will be formed by crossing sections over each other to form an X at the base. Smooth strands with a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleeker Professional Straightening Iron for a cleaner stitch.
  • Take a clean segment of hair above or below the braid with a long tail comb (based on the desired end result). Keep your hands close to your head as you place the section between the two stitch strands. Twist two stitch strands such that the top strand is at the bottom and the bottom strand is at the top. Using an X as a base, carefully lay another length of hair between the stitch strands and twist. Follow this pattern all the way to the end and attach it with a bobby pin or elastic.
  • The hair braided through the stitch braid can now be pinched and tugged to desired fullness or defined even further by sliding the Sleeker bevelled plates along each pulled out portion to improve the pleats… alternatively use a condensed volume and smooth it out.

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