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How To Care For Color Treated Hair – fashion

What is the definition of color-treated hair?

Hair that has been color-treated is hair that has had a permanent color treatment. This encompasses anything from all-over hair color to balayage, highlights, lowlights, gray coverage, and more.

This hair has been oxidized to open up the cuticle, allowing the dye to penetrate the hair and deposit permanent color. This happens if your hair’s chemical condition has been changed, and because it has been changed, it follows a different set of laws than virgin hair.

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If you have color-treated hair, what ingredients should you avoid?

Sulfates (SLS or SLES), parabens, sodium chloride, and petrochemicals are the most crucial components to avoid while caring for color-treated hair. “Sulfates provide a frothy lather in shampoos, but they also remove too much oil from your scalp and hair, contributing to dryness.

Because color-treated hair is already prone to drying, it’s critical to use a nourishing shampoo that is gentle on color-treated strands. Sodium chloride, or salt, is also contained in several shampoo recipes and is known to cause dryness as well as effect or fade hair color.

How do you keep color-treated hair from becoming dull and damaged?

Whether you visit your favorite colorist or do your own coloring at home, you’ll want to avoid damaging your hair afterward to keep the color fresh and brilliant. Treat hair to a weekly heavy-duty mask in the shower, take a break from heat tools and wear your natural texture to allow your hair to heal, always use heat protectants when using hot tools, lower your settings when you can, and move quickly; don’t wash hair daily and try to go as long as possible between washes to give hair a break and allow hair’s natural oils to produce; don’t wash hair daily and try to go as long as you can between washes to give hair a break Your ends are the most fragile and weakest part of your hair, so treat them with care.

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