Does Keratin Treatment Ruin Curly Hair

The way that keratin treatments, commonly referred to as smoothing or relaxing treatments, operate is by injecting or infusing keratin proteins into your hair follicles.

Keratin treatments have both benefits and drawbacks, with the final image frequently showing smoother, more relaxed hair with little to no curl.

They can be applied anywhere between five minutes to four hours, depending on the particular treatment, and produce a variety of benefits.

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Unfortunately, where you collect your information can affect the response you get. Since keratin treatments are actually chemical treatments, despite some salons’ claims that they simply “smooth” and “define” curls while “taming frizz,” the unfortunate truth is that they are both.

This implies that you will need to wait until the chemically treated areas of your hair have fully grown out if you decide to return to your natural-born curls after a few months or even years. Or perhaps you could consider having the big chop.


Since much of the same aftercare guidelines apply, think of a keratin treatment as the anti-perm. After applying the solution to your hair, you must wait at least 72 hours before styling it in any way without running the danger of interfering with the chemical process.

The Brazilian Blowout is one of the most popular keratin treatments available right now. It is frequently advertised to people whose hair needs to be relaxed and frizz-free. The keratin express, Japanese keratin treatment, and soft keratin treatment are further popular keratin procedures. Although each has distinctive methods and outcomes, the idea is constant.

In the end, keratin treatments have to only be taken into account if you desire long-lasting, semi-permanently straightened hair.

And if you do decide to get a keratin treatment, you should be aware that your curls will be permanently damaged up until the point at which your hair begins to grow back.

Whenever the curls are chemically manipulated in any manner, shape, or form, damage could result. However, if the procedure is carried out incorrectly or a low-quality keratin product is utilized, the hair may break or develop uneven curls.

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