Best Way To Fix Dry Elbow

Some skin care issues are really simple. You’re sunburnt, right? Grab some aloe, which has anti-inflammatory properties, to help reduce discomfort and redness.

Why is your t-zone so oily? Use witch hazel and salicylic acid in your routine to help control oil production and create a more matte complexion.

What is one skincare issue with less evident treatment options? scaly elbows If you’ve ever had dry elbows, you know that’s not the case even if you might believe that using any moisturizing cream will solve the problem.

And for just that reason, we decided it was time to consult with the subject-matter authorities.

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Best Way To Fix Dry Elbow

While your elbows are damp, apply products

While it might appear that putting creams, lotions, or ointments on moist skin would prevent the product from truly absorbing, the opposite is actually true.

In fact, doing so will aid in retaining moisture and strengthen the skin barrier, both of which are essential for treating and mending dry elbow skin.

Select Thicker Products

No matter how moisturizing a gel cream may be, it’s preferable to choose thicker formulations for your elbows because they may effectively establish a barrier between your elbow skin and the outside world, keeping moisture in and drying elements out.

Avoid taking a very hot shower

Even though a warm shower may feel nice, especially in the winter, it can actually make your elbows and skin in general worse. Avoid taking too many hot baths or showers as this may cause your elbows to dry out faster.

Employ gentle cleaners

Another item to consider when taking a shower or bath? your cleaning products.

When washing the elbows, use gentle cleansers that won’t dry out the skin, keeping in mind that you don’t even need to soap up the area if your elbows aren’t unclean.

After all, over-cleaning is another method to cause your ‘bows to quickly dry out.

Apply a cream overnight

Wearing ointment on your elbows overnight can have the same amazing effects as slugging, which is the practice of finishing your nighttime skincare routine with an occlusive ointment.

To enhance the ointment’s impact on the skin and restore the barrier while you sleep, apply your preferred ointment overnight and cover [your elbows] with long sleeves.

Think about chemical exfoliation

Sometimes too many accumulated dead skin cells get in the way of the efficacy of ointments. In light of this, you might want to utilize lotions containing chemical exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxy acids.

Avoid reclining on your elbows

Not least of all, your elbow care outside of your skincare regimen counts. especially to not put them under too much pressure.

Try not to unconsciously rest your elbow when working, operating a vehicle, or watching television. The skin will develop thicker in defence the more pressure you exert on the spot.

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