Benefits Of Horsetail Oil For Hair

It’s important to note that the benefits of horsetail oil, like those of the majority of herbs and supplements related to hair growth and loss, are primarily anecdotal.

Nevertheless, there is scant scientific proof that using horsetail oil topically results in healthier hair and scalp. Horsetail, when taken orally, has been found in several tests to enhance hair growth.

Therefore, our specialists believe that taking horsetail oil orally as opposed to using it topically will give you the greatest benefits. Here are a few outcomes it has.

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Benefits Of Horsetail Oil For Hair

Strengthens the hair fibre

The stronger your hair, the better, at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious. You’ll lose less hair the less likely it is to break and snap.

Minerals, particularly silica, found in horsetail oil encourage the growth of hair fibre. It gives gloss and texture in addition to supporting the elasticity and strengthening the hair fibre.

Going back to earlier research, a 2016 study reveals that a higher silicon content in the hair may be connected with a decreased rate of hair loss. Silica is a compound consisting of silicon and oxygen.

Controls the cycle of hair growth

This one is brought on by selenium, another mineral included in horsetail oil. Iodine, which controls hair development, is processed by the body with the help of selenium. We are aware that low levels of some minerals, such as selenium, can cause the anagen, or growth, phase of the hair cycle to lag.

Contains antioxidants that support collagen

The antioxidant content of horsetail oil and how it affects collagen synthesis are the main topics of research in this area. Why is that relevant? Healthy hair follicles are maintained by collagen.

Increases cell turnover and decreases inflammation

There is no doubt that a healthy scalp is the foundation for good hair, and there are numerous ways in which horsetail oil may support a healthy scalp. It has anti-inflammatory properties and encourages cellular turnover, allowing the scalp to function at its best.

As a result, the atmosphere is perfect for the hair follicle to grow and produce strong hair fibre. The other advantage, too? If you have problems with dandruff or an itchy scalp, it also just makes your scalp feel better.

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